Here’s a list of software tools I either started using this year or tools I think everyone should be using.


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The best password manager. Free if you like, or only $10 per year if you want to have a little bit more features or just want to support the project…

I recently switched my LAMP virtual server to a different VPS provider.

Here are the steps, for future reference. Mostly for myself, but maybe you — someone who came here from Google — can use this too. This should work on any small to medium sized VPS.

Let’s go!

Lower your DNS records TTL value.


I finished watching Get Back. Read my article about the first 30 minutes here.

It’s safe to say this is hands down one of the best documentaries ever. I could not look away. Truly amazing.

In between watching this over the last week I accumulated quite a few articles (from…

I am only 30 minutes in to the 8 hour long — highly anticipated — Peter Jackson documentary and I already have many thoughts.

I need to get these out before further viewing, because I have a feeling I will change my mind many times over during viewing.

Let’s go…

You can’t

  • Listen on demand
  • Restart/replay a conversation
  • Record a conversation or audio snippets
  • Trace back when a conversation started
  • See who is talking, you can only hear them
  • Send (text) messages to other Clubhouse users
  • Share pictures, videos, gifs or audio files
  • Use it on Android

You can

  • Listen…

Jan van den Berg

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